Understanding Grades of Propane’

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Understanding Grades of Propane’

The most commonly used grade of propane, HD5, is used by households across the United States for cooking, heat hot water, grilling and camping. Fueling the home isn’t something one gives much thought to until the propane tank goes empty, but Steve Dodson from Wildhorse Propane, supplier to Prunedale, believes it is important for customers to know they are getting the best grade of propane possible.

Californian use 220 million gallons of propane each year for water, cooking and grilling, camping, heat, backup power, equipment engines, lawnmowers, torches and portable stoves. Propane gas is a low-emission fuel for buses, trucks, farm equipment and government vehicles. Propane is the third most commonly used fuel for vehicles in the world and is the only alternative fuel with fueling stations in every state.

Propane’s popularity can be credited to it being a clean burning fuel that is more affordable than other fossil fuels. Ninety percent of propane used in the U.S. is produced domestically and the rest is piped in from Canada or shipped from other countries.

The quality of propane is determined by how it is refined and processed and the proportions of propylene, butanes and ethane. The precise formulation varies slightly between different parts of the country. There are three grades, each grade serving a different purpose. All grades of propane come from crude oil or natural gas.

  • HD5 propane fuel is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels available. Also known as “consumer grade” HD5 is the most commonly used grade of propane distributed in the United States for residential use. It is also the only grade of propane that other countries accept as an import. TheHD5 rating is used only in the United States, Australia, Turkey, Thailand and Canada. All of these countries are big users of propane gas and also offer tax programs to encourage car, truck and bus conversion to LPG. It is the highest quality of propane available to the public and recommended for use with internal combustion engine fuel.
  • HD10 propane permits 10 percent propylene and works very well in propane powered appliances. The 10-percent propylene content might cause engine components to stick during operation.
  • Commercial propane has different specifications for gas and propylene content, but can be used interchangeably with HD10. Neither grade meets the specifications for operating vehicles. Commercial-grade propane only requires enough propane to hold a flame and due to containing different gases, the flame may produce a variety of colors, unlike the bright blue flame produced by HD5. Commercial propane is used by refineries for processing chemicals used by a number of industries.

Wildhorse Propane supplies only the best grade propane to residential, business and agricultural customers. The best quality means a cleaner flame, safer and more economical results. The top reasons for using propane include:

  • Propane is safe and companies and employees follow the strict guidelines established by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).
  • It’s efficient and clean, producing fewer greenhouse gases emissions than most traditional energy sources.
  • Affordable, reducing energy costs by around 30-percent.

A locally owned family business that’s been serving the propane needs of Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo counties since 1980, Wildhorse sells propane appliances, provides propane tanks, underground gas lines, and provides 24-hour emergency service.

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