Paso Robles Propane Provider, Wildhorse Propane, Releases A Report About Propane Safety

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Paso Robles Propane Provider, Wildhorse Propane, Releases A Report About Propane Safety

–Wildhorse Propane, a supplier of propane to Paso Robles, CA, recently released a report about propane safety. The report, “Wildhorse Propane and Appliance Safety Guidelines,” includes details about the structure and features of a propane tank, recognizing the odor or propane, and safety tips to follow when the propane tank is unexpectedly empty.

The National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) reports that propane has been providing energy to homes, businesses, and agriculture for more than 100 years. The fuel is a clean, low-carbon fuel that produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions that many other options. The United States Department of Transportation regulations that govern propane makes it one of the safest fuels from “wellhead to burner tip.”

Even though propane is a safe and reliable fuel, it is flammable and still requires proper handling. Wildhorse Propane has released the safety report to help assure the safety of the company’s customers and employees.

The safety report can be read on the Wildhorse Propane website. The report includes:

  • As long as propane is stored under pressure there are rarely any problems. But, if the system develops a leak due to damage or deterioration, it can cause a fire or an explosion if leaking propane is exposed to a spark or to flame.
  • The telltale “rotten egg” smell of propane is an indicator of a leak. Turn the propane off at the tank and turn off all of the valves on any propane appliances. Open windows and doors for fresh air. Contact the propane supplier to schedule a troubleshooting appointment. If there is an immediate danger of fire or explosion, get everyone to safety and call 911.
  • Regularly scheduled appointments prevent running out or propane, but once in a while, unexpected weather causes more than usual use. If you should run out of propane between appointments, shut off the valves at the tank and turn off the valves to propane appliances. Call for a service appointment.
  • It is important to know how the propane tank works, how to read the meter, and how to operate the shut-off valve. The report includes a detailed diagram of the propane tank including the locations of shut-off valves.

Wildhorse Propane is always happy to go explain your propane tank and how to operate it. The company also provides the same operation and safety guidelines when customers buy propane appliances.
Wildhorse Propane serves Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties. Services include propane, propane tanks, propane appliances, and 24-hour emergency service by calling (831) 809-6970. The company is open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. And Saturday 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Wildhorse Propane
50557 Wildhorse Road
King City CA 93930
(832) 385-4827

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