Propane Safety

Wildhorse Propane & Appliance Propane Safety Guidelines

Propane Safety

Your safety and that of our employees are our most important concern!

Propane is a safe, reliable fuel. Like many other fuels, however, it is flammable. That means it can be dangerous if not handled properly.

Remember, in order to protect you, your family and others, you must be aware of (and respect) the normal, everyday hazards around you. Propane is no exception.

A Pressure Situation

The propane in your gas system is stored under pressure. While it’s stored, there’s no problem. But, in the unlikely event your system develops a leak (which can be caused by physical damage or deterioration), it can become dangerous.

Propane burns at an even rate when properly mixed with air, as in your stove or furnace. But, if a leak occurs, a flame or spark could ignite it. If that happens, it could cause a fire – or even an explosion. Although such accidents are rare, we want you to be aware of this possibility.

Know Your Propane System

Your propane system has four basic parts:
1. A tank or cylinder, equipped with a main shutoff valve;
2. One or more regulators, designed to reduce pressure between the container and your appliance(s);
3. Gas piping, to carry the propane to your appliance(s); and
4. Gas appliance(s).

wildhorse-propane-safetyThe tank or cylinder is where the propane is stored. It is equipped with a shutoff valve, which turns the gas “on” or “off”. The regulator controls the gas pressure, while the gas piping carries the gas to your appliance(s).

It is important for you to know the location of the main shutoff valve on the tank or cylinder. Remember its location and become familiar with how to shut it off in an emergency situation.

What to do if you run out propane

Do not flip any light switches or do anything that would cause a spark.

Letting your propane container run empty creates additional hazards. If you run out of gas and lose pressure in the system, a potentially hazardous condition can result. If you do run out of gas, follow these steps:

1.Turn off all control valves on all gas appliances.

2.Turn off the shutoff valve on the propane container(s).

3.Call your propane supplier to arrange for delivery, and advise them you are out of gas.

4.Don’t turn the gas back on yourself. Let the propane supplier do it. When you schedule your fill, be sure it is for a time when you will be at home, so the propane supplier can relight and check your appliances and system to assure that they are operating properly and are leak free.

5.Immediately after your tank is refilled, have a service technician check to see that all safety controls are functioning properly and the piping system is leak free.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you ever smell gas or suspect a leak, turn off all the gas at the tank. Open the area to fresh air. Do not do anything that could cause a spark. Call us from another location immediately! (831) 385-4827 Monday-Sunday