Underground Pipe Service Carmel, CA

Carmel Propane Systems

wildhorse-propane-propane-gas-line-installationCarmel one of the few coastal areas left in California that offers reasonable weather with gorgeous, undeveloped coastal scenery. At Wildhorse Propane & Appliance we take pride in creating a propane system that is safe, hidden and resilient against the shifting coastal landscapes. We install underground propane gas lines for both residential and commercial facilities.

The installation of propane gas lines should be carried out by a professional licensed contractor. It’s critical the gas lines link from the main propane tank to the appliances at proper depths, with appropriate piping that has secure connections to prevent propane leaks. The gas line specialists at Wildhorse Propane & Appliance bring decades of experience at the design and installation of propane gas lines.

Our many years of expertise in the installation of propane and natural gas lines gives us the experience to handle gas line runs of all types. We have worked with professional home builders, pool companies and landscapers across King City, Monterey, Salinas, and Paso Robles. We also have extensive experience contracting with government agencies in Monterey County.

Gas lines that are run in the building are run directly to each appliance or piece of machinery that requires propane. Our underground pipe service installers are experts at properly running gas lines in places that are hidden and away from the potential of being damaged.

Common propane gas line installation and plumbing services that we experience in Carmel:

• Gas Line Inspection
• Gas Line Locating
• Gas Line Leak Testing
• Gas Line Replacement
• Indoor and Outdoor Gas Line Services

We are happy to answer your questions and bids are always provided at no-cost.

As always, to keep your home or business safe, only use a qualified propane plumber to install your propane gas or natural gas lines.

Each gas line is completely tested to ensure that it is properly connected with no propane leaks. Safety is the #1 goal of all of us at Wildhorse Propane. Learn more at propane safety.

Besides propane and natural gas line installation, we offer other high-quality propane services.

• Propane Delivery
• Propane Tank Installation