Salinas Propane Provider Releases A Checklist For Planning A Propane Powered Dream Home

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Salinas Propane Provider Releases A Checklist For Planning A Propane Powered Dream Home

–Millions of homeowners across the United States are moving towards more environmentally friendly homes by using incorporating propane into their new home designs and remodeling. Wildhorse Propane, providing services to Salinas and California’s Central Coast has prepared a checklist for helping homeowners know the necessary steps for successfully installing or switching to propane.

The steps for incorporating propane energy into a home are similar to creating plans for all homes:

  • Create the architectural design and select a builder
  • Acquire all the necessary permits
  • Build the new home

Installing propane means that it is important to pay some extra attention during the design, permitting, and building phases for:

  1. Choosing propane-powered appliances
  2. Include the propane tank and gas lines in the plans, just as electrical and plumbing is included
  3. Work with a qualified gas line installation company to be sure the propane tank, underground lines, and connections are installed properly and safely

Choosing propane-powered appliances

Many people are surprised by the choices of propane-powered appliances that are available to them. A consultation with a local propane appliance dealership is essential for discovering what is available. Knowing the options for name-brand choices for refrigeration, freezers, stoves and oven, dishwashers, ventilation, hot water heaters, and home heating and cooling is critical for planning gas lines and connections. Other options can include hot tubs, swimming pool heaters, outdoor fire pits, and patio kitchens.

Planning the propane tank location and gas lines

Once the choices for appliances are made and their placement in the home have finalized the locations for the propane tank and gas lines can be identified and added to the plans. It is very important to know where the appliances are going to be located in the house before the locations for underground pipes and connection to the appliances are planned.

Working with a qualified gas line installation company

Installing propane and natural gas lines need to be done by a professional, licensed plumber. The appropriate depth of underground gas lines, accurate and safe connections between the propane tank, through the gas lines and to the appliances is critical. A full service propane company, such as Wildhorse Propane servicing Salinas and surrounding areas, that provides indoor and outdoor gas line services, can perform inspections, leak detection and can locate existing gas lines and replace gas lines is highly important.

Choosing the propane service

Propane customers who have a choice of full-service propane companies in their areas have the best chance of getting the top advice and service from the home design stage all the way through to enjoying their new homes. Wildhorse Propane has been providing propane service to San Luis Obispo, Monterey, and Santa Cruz counties for decades. The company has worked with builders, pool companies, landscapers and local government agencies along with providing propane tanks, appliances, and propane delivery services to homes, businesses and agricultural operations.

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