Propane powered forklifts are good for the bottom line

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Propane powered forklifts are good for the bottom line

Propane powered forklifts are the top choice for fleet owners for some very good reasons. Of course, cost-effectiveness and the bottom line are always the leading motivators for business decisions and business managers know there are many factors that influence the bottom line.

Wildhorse Propane, serving Paso Robles, north San Luis Obispo County and all of Monterey County, has prepared a list of the top reasons propane powered forklifts are winning. The reasons include:

  • Work efficiency
  • Safety and health
  • Cost effectiveness

Work efficiency

Refueling is downtime that cuts into productivity and work efficiency. It takes an average of 5 minutes to change the cylinder on a propane powered forklift compared to up to 8 hours to recharge an electric forklift.

Refueling by changing propane cylinders does not have the same safety risks as fueling with diesel or gasoline.

Safety and health

The Propane Education & Research Council reports that safety rates as the most important factor when purchasing equipment for industrial applications. Propane powered forklifts have an automatic shut-off safety feature that stops the flow of fuel in the event of an accident. All propane tanks, fuel lines and carbueration components are required to meet strict national safety standards.

Propane is a clean burning fuel, producing less emissions compared to gasoline or diesel fueled forklifts. This translates to cleaner air in and around work sites.

Cost effectiveness

Propane powered forklifts run on 100-percent power during operation, boosting productivity. Propane engines last up to twice as long as gasoline engines and save money on maintenance.

On average, one 33 lb. propane tank provides eight hours of operating time. Per hour of use, propane costs less than recharging costs for electric forklifts. Propane fuel eliminates the overhead costs of electric powered forklifts including batteries, chargers and maintaining charging bays.

On site storage

Wildhorse Propane can exchange propane cylinders on a regular schedule. On site storage reduces delays due to refueling issues. Wildhorse Propane has established regular service routes for all of its customers. Regular service eliminates the cost of redirecting employees for maintaining and resupplying the propane cylinders.

The cylinders can be stored in convenient refueling stations closer to work areas.

Wildhorse Propane for Paso Robles has been meeting the propane needs of the Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties since 1980. A family-owned business with deep roots in our hometown community, we carry the principles of fair prices, good service and timely delivery to our customers.

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