Salinas Propane Company Releases the Report ‘Propane Water Heaters And the Family Budget’

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Salinas Propane Company Releases the Report ‘Propane Water Heaters And the Family Budget’

-Wildhorse Propane, the Salinas propane supplier, recently released the report, “Propane Water Heaters and the Family Budget.” A propane water heater can save between $3,000 and $4,000 over the average 10-year lifespan when compared to an electric water heater.

The benefits of propane water heaters include:

  • Lower operating costs averaging one-third less to operate than the electric counterpart.
  • Smaller storage space requirements; a smaller footprint means more space for other uses.
  • More accurate temperature adjustment means getting just the right temperature.
  • Provide hot water when the power is out.

Propane hot water heaters can produce more hot water than a similar sized electric appliance. A smaller sized propane heater can do the same job as a larger electric hot water heater. This means no more long waiting times between showers or scheduling laundry and running the dishwasher around family shower times.

Propane water heaters have been around for decades and with today’s technologies, they work better than ever, and homeowners now have a choice between a storage tank hot water heater and a tankless model.

Benefits of storage tank propane water heaters

  • The compact design uses less space than electric water heaters.
  • A 40-gallon propane unit delivers the same amount of hot water as a 50-gallon electric unit.
  • Energy Star propane units save about 13-16 percent in annual energy costs compared with electric heaters.
  • Propane storage tank water heaters produce 46-percent fewer greenhouse emissions than electric models.

Benefits of tankless water heaters

  • Tankless water heaters deliver hot water as needed because water is heated when it travels to a tap for use. “Heating on demand” saves approximately $150 a year over electric models.
  • An Energy Star certified tankless propane could save even more.
  • The compact size saves between 9 and 16 square feet of floor space.
  • Tankless propane water heaters produce up to 60-percent fewer greenhouse emissions than electric models.

Which is best?

Tankless water heaters cost more than their storage tank water heaters and this is important to consider when deciding. The more hot water a family uses, the more savings will be realized. A retired couple generally uses less hot water and less household energy than a family of four, so the extra cost for a tankless water heater may not be offset by lower energy costs.

A family of four uses an average of 63 gallons of hot water per day, at a cost of over $450 per year using an electric water heater.

Wildhorse Propane, servicing Salinas and all of Monterey County, plus San Luis Obispo County, also sells propane appliances and can answer questions about choosing a propane hot water heater.

The friendly and professional staff at Wildhorse can fill all of your propane needs for appliances, propane service, tanks, and more.  The family-owned company combines fair prices, good service and timely delivery. Wildhorse propane service includes the convenience of regular delivery route truck drivers. Wildhorse has been a leading supplier of propane gas and propane tanks since 1980.

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