Salinas propane company reports the top benefits of regularly scheduled delivery

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Salinas propane company reports the top benefits of regularly scheduled delivery

-There is never a convenient time for the propane tank to be empty, with the extreme weather events of the past few years making running out a potential health threat as well as an inconvenience. The team from Wildhorse Propane and Appliances, delivering to Salinas and surrounding regions has some reasons why scheduling regular deliveries can help keep the propane tank full.

When a household or business relies on propane for heating, cooling, cooking, and more, it’s critical to know the supply is readily available. Especially hot, three-digit summers put proper cooling at the top of the list for health and for preserving critical products that require temperature control. Regularly scheduled propane delivery offers several benefits, including:

  • Ensure a steady supply of propane without the hassle of monitoring fuel levels or placing individual orders.
  • Regular delivery helps prevent propane runouts, especially during critical times like hot summers, cold, wet winters, or the holidays when visiting friends and relatives means extra cooking and baking.
  • Knowing that the propane tank is being regularly monitored and replenished provides peace of mind. Especially since the propane company has a record of your usage and it’s easy to place a special order when an extra delivery might be needed for unusual circumstances. The Salinas propane service takes great pride in a high level of customer support.
  • An adequate and consistent fuel supply ensures that your equipment operates efficiently, reducing wear and tear and potentially extending its lifespan.
  • Extreme weather conditions can affect the availability and delivery of propane. Most propane companies take care of their regular customers by adjusting delivery schedules to accommodate forecasted weather events.
  • In the event of a natural disaster, the propane company helps with emergencies that might affect the propane tank, gas pipes, or propane supply.
  • Propane is a relatively clean-burning fuel compared to other options. By opting for regular propane delivery, you contribute to a more sustainable energy system by using a cleaner fuel source for your heating or cooking needs.

Regular delivery service comes with dedicated customer support from Wildhorse Propane and Appliances. The team from the Salinas propane company is ready to answer customers’ questions and provide assistance.

The local, family-owned company has been providing propane service to Monterey County, North San Luis Obispo County, and portions of Santa Cruz County since 1980. The company provides fair prices, good service, timely delivery, and the added convenience of online bill pay. Wildhorse propane service includes the convenience of regular delivery route truck drivers who check customers’ tanks. In addition to propane delivery to homes, farms, or businesses, Wildhorse can fill RV tanks, forklift tanks, propane vehicle tanks, and other agricultural and industrial equipment.

Wildhorse has been a leading supplier of propane gas and propane tanks since it was founded, and today it is also a leading supplier of propane-powered appliances, in stock, in the King City showroom, ready for delivery and installation anywhere in the company’s service area.

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