Propane drives lawn and landscaping equipment

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Propane drives lawn and landscaping equipment

Landscape maintenance operations, including golf course and sports field maintenance, are saving thousands in fuel costs by switching to propane-fueled equipment. Propane gas-powered trucks, a variety of mowers, and propane weed flaming are rapidly gaining popularity as a non-toxic and environmentally friendly way to control weeds. There are even conversion kits for converting golf carts to propane fuel. Wildhorse Propane, the supplier to Prunedale, Monterey County, and North San Luis Obispo County, delivers propane and propane fuel tanks wherever they are needed.

Propane, as fuel for vehicles, reduces exhaust emissions and the engines generally run quieter than engines using other fuels. The Alternative Fuels Data Center (U.S. Department of Energy), reports: “Using propane as a vehicle fuel increases energy security, can provide the convenience of onsite refueling economically, and reduces air pollution and the environmental impacts of vehicles.”

Commercial Mowers

Propane-fueled commercial mowers include riding mowers, walk-behind, and stand-on. Most of the major mower manufacturers have propane-fueled models. Conversion kits are available to switch gasoline-powered equipment to propane.

Propane-fueled mowers are suitable for fairway maintenance, the precision needed for putting greens, sports fields, and park and residential open space mowing. Crews using propane equipment have reported 30-50-percent savings on fuel.

Light to medium-duty vehicles

Propane autogas is powering a variety of light-duty and medium-duty fleets, including construction companies, taxicab fleets, law enforcement agencies, and other governmental organizations.

Uses include passenger transport, which is especially valuable for resorts and golf courses, food, beverage and equipment delivery, and any other need to get from point A to point B. Vehicles are available from many major manufacturers as both OEM and certified aftermarket conversions.

Flame weeding

Propane flame weeding is an efficient, non-toxic and 100% organic method for controlling weeds. Flame weed control can be used in a variety of weather conditions and growth stages and eliminates the danger of landscaping being damaged by wind-drifting herbicides.

Easy delivery and refueling

Wildhorse Propane maintains regular delivery schedules, providing both propane fuel and propane cylinders. Refueling is simply a matter of switching to a full cylinder and the empties are refilled and returned on the next delivery cycle.

On-site refueling allows work crews to increase productivity by spending less time at a gas station.

Propane mower incentive programs

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is sponsoring an incentive program for the purchase of a new mower or a qualifying mower conversion. Visit the PERC website for more information.

Schedule your delivery

Contact Wildhorse Propane to schedule your propane delivery. Wildhorse Propane supports residential, commercial, agricultural, propane tanks, underground line installations, and offers propane appliances.

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