Wildhorse Propane of Paso Robles Publishes New Propane Benefit Analysis for Property Owners

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Wildhorse Propane of Paso Robles Publishes New Propane Benefit Analysis for Property Owners

For over 30 years, the Paso Robles propane service experts at Wildhorse Propane have specialized in installing underground propane gas lines. With this extensive expertise, they have compiled a detailed fact-based report for consumers to learn more about the economical and environmental benefits of using propane.

Propane benefits for property owners

Family owned and operated since 1980, Wildhorse Propane originally served only the King City and its surrounding cities. Since its inspection, the business has grown, with client accounts throughout the Monterey County area and extending to areas in northern San Luis Obispo County.

The propane specialists at Wildhorse Propane have an unwavering dedication to customer service, providing proper service and maintenance for all things propane-related. With this commitment to educating their clients and future users of propane, their expert team has outlined the top reasons to use propane in residential and commercial properties.

  •     Affordable

On average, propane costs about half as much per BTU as electricity. In fact, propane gas fireplaces cost 30% to 60% less per hour to use than traditional wood burning fireplaces. Because propane is created from natural gas and petroleum – all natural components – it is easily available and can be used virtually anywhere. The propane Paso Robles cost-saving team at Wildhorse Propane assert that for the same heating value, propane offers remarkable savings over electricity for home and business owners.

  •     Efficient

Propane can best be described as a clean and efficient energy source. On average, a propane heating system is approximately 15-20 degrees warmer in comparison to common electric heat pumps. As a side-by-side comparison, a homeowner could reheat a whole tankful of water in just under 20 minutes with propane. The same tank of water may take up to an hour (or longer) using electricity.

  •     Environmentally Friendly

The report details that the use of propane is listed as an approved alternative fuel in both the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992. With propane, home and business owners can rest assured that the fuel they are using is not contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

  •     Easier to Maintain

Propane appliances such as gas furnaces or cheaper to maintain and have less malfunctioning issues when compared with electrical appliances. For example, a propane heating system, on average, lasts about 20 years, while electric heat pumps last only 10-12 years. The repair and maintenance costs are measurably lower with propane systems and with propane readily available, access to affordable propane is within reach.

The report explains that making the conversion from electricity to propane can be done with the help of a Paso Robles propane specialist, like the expert team at Wildhorse Propane.

As an appliance dealer as well, Wildhorse Propane also offers a full show room of brand name refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashing machines, ovens, stoves, and much more.

For any and all of propane and appliance needs, call the Paso Robles propane specialists at Wildhorse Propane that residents and business owners have trusted for over 35 years. Their team of customer specialists are happy to help and are well equipped to answer any propane-related questions. Call them today at (831) 385-4827.

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