Paso Robles propane company explains why propane-powered vehicles are efficient

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Paso Robles propane company explains why propane-powered vehicles are efficient

The Propane Research and Education Council (PERC) reports there are close to 220,000 propane (or LPG) powered vehicles on the road in the United States. These vehicles include school buses, cars, trucks, police cars. Additional equipment like tractors, golf carts and around 670,000 forklifts that are not normally on-road vehicles. Wildhorse Propane, the Paso Robles propane company supplies the propane that keeps these vehicles operating.

Propane powers vehicles similar to gasoline. The propane is stored in liquid form inside a separate tank then converted to vapor inside the combustion chamber or converted to liquid and burned just like gasoline and deliver highly similar performance to conventional gas-powered vehicles.

Propane-powered vehicles are available from original equipment manufacturers or can be converted by means of a converter kit. Most kits that have earned EPA approval and are properly installed by a qualified mechanic won’t void a manufacturer’s warranty.

Advantages of propane power

Propane is one of the most environmentally friendly fuels in the market and is the most-used alternative fuel in the nation. Domestically produced, propane has been used in vehicles since the 1970s. The United States is the leading producer and exporter of propane in the world.

  • In propane injection engines, liquid propane doesn’t vaporize until it reaches the fuel injector, delivering more precise fuel control and improved engine performance.
  • Propane-powered vehicles often have fuel economy comparable to similar gas-powered vehicles but propane costs less per gallon that gasoline, saving thousands of dollars over time.
  • The high octane rating (104 to 112) compared to gasoline results in less wear on the engine reducing maintenance costs and repairs. Because propane burns cleaner that gasoline, the oil is cleaner even when it’s time for a change.
  • Tax incentives may apply, although the incentives may change from year to year.

Where to fuel up

Because of the growing popularity of on-road propane vehicles, fuel stations are gaining a presence across the country. The United States Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center website publishes a map identifying the location of over 1800 propane fueling stations across the United States and Canada. Specific locations can be found by searching on zip code.

Wildhorse Propane, the Paso Robles propane company, also delivers throughout Monterey, San Benito, San Luis Obispo and Santa Cruz counties. Deliveries include residential, commercial, farms and ranches and more. As an added benefit, Wildhorse Propane also identifies several local propane fueling stations at the bottom of the home page.

Local, family-owned Wildhorse propane makes propane deliveries as easy as possible with regularly scheduled deliveries to fill home and business tanks and deliver portable cylinders for fueling equipment. The company offers on call and emergency services as well. Serving the four-county area since 1980, the family-owned business has deep roots in their hometown, King City, and practice the principles of fair prices, good service and timely delivery.

Call Wildhorse Propane for propane tanks, propane delivery and check out the propane appliances for your home or office.

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