May is National Barbecue Month — Castroville propane company says “Follow these tips for safety’

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May is National Barbecue Month — Castroville propane company says “Follow these tips for safety’

Even though barbecue is, technically, not the same as grilling, the terms are interchanged. Aficionados of each style of outdoor cooking defend their realms and styles with gusto, but in the end, what matters is that both styles produce delicious food enjoyed by all. The team from Wildhorse Propane, the Castroville propane company enjoys the results of both styles of cooking and wants to be sure the chefs and guests stay safe whether using propane, wood or charcoal.

Open flames mean extra safety and attention is necessary. Here are the safe open flame practices that apply to either grilling with propane or slow barbecuing over a special wood:

  • Be sure the cooking surface is cleaned and there is no debris that might catch fire. Give it a good scrub with a wire brush before firing it up.
  • Keep a hose (for barbecue) or a fire extinguisher (for both barbecue or grilling) handy to put out any accidental fire before it spreads.
  • Keep the grill or barbecue in a safely open space where rising flames can’t reach overhanging branches, eaves, or nearby flammable objects.
  • Monitor children and pets. Kids and dogs get playful and don’t pay attention to where they are and cats climb up on anything, especially if a snack is a possibility.
  • Don’t leave the grill or barbecue unattended.
  • Use utensils that are long enough to avoid burning hands and fingers.
  • Wear heat resistant gloves designed for grilling or barbecue.
  • Make sure it’s completely cooled down before covering it.

Propane safety

All of the safety precautions listed above apply. In addition:

  • If you are grilling with propane start with a full tank.
  • Check all of the connections between the tank and grill for leaks. Drip soapy water on the connections. If the solution bubbles, there’s a leak or if the connections are not tight enough.
  • Don’t use fire up the grill if the connections are leaking or can’t be sufficiently tightened.

The Castroville propane company can fill your portable tank or sell you a new grill, tank, hoses and other parts if anything is damaged.

Most of all, be safe and have a great time. Spring and summer, and the relaxing of COVID-19 restrictions are bringing friends and families together again. Backyard meals are a favorite activity and whether you grill or barbecue, the food is delicious. Enjoy.

Located in King City, CA, Wildhorse Propane has been delivering propane to residences, businesses, farms, ranches throughout the Central Coast for over 30 years. The family owned and operated company is the best local source for household propane appliances and the recognized local experts for gas line installation.

The company has recently added on line bill pay and account management to its services.

Call today to check out the available appliances and set up your propane delivery.

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