Carmel Propane Company Announces Underground Gas Line Installation Service

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Carmel Propane Company Announces Underground Gas Line Installation Service

-Installing propane or natural gas lines needs the attention of an experienced licensed plumber. Before the lines are installed, the correct trench must be dug with the proper equipment. Steve Dodson from the Carmel propane company, Wildhorse Propane & Appliances, recently announced additional services to the company’s underground gas line installation services.

Wildhorse Propane’s underground gas line services include:

  • Gas Line Inspection
  • Gas Line Locating
  • Gas Line Leak Testing
  • Gas Line Replacement
  • Indoor and Outdoor Gas Line Services

There is more to digging a trench between the natural gas or propane source, the home or business, connecting the pipe, backfilling and leaving. Safety at every step is critical and requires a high-level of expertise, skill and the right experience and licenses.

The Wildhorse Propane team has always practiced the highest levels of safety in every aspect of the company propane delivery, tank and appliance installation services and troubleshooting and inspections. “A safe propane and natural gas installation is only as safe as the gas line connection,” said Dodson. Knowing and implementing the best underground gas line installation safety requirements is a big part of delivering gas safely to a home or business.”

The safety measures practiced by the Carmel propane company for installing underground gas lines include:

  • Surveying to the best location to dig the trench to avoid other underground utilities such as water, sewer or electrical lines
  • Accurately measuring the length of the trench from the gas source to the main connection to the building
  • Knowing what to do if an unexpected event or barrier, such as tree roots or a boulder is encountered
  • Knowing how deep the trench needs to be
  • Knowing the best way to support the pipeline in the trench to minimize future potential damage to pipes and joints
  • Knowing which inspection and troubleshooting procedures need to happen before the pipes are connected
  • Inspecting, testing and troubleshooting all of the connections to appliances and between the building and the source before back-filling the trench
  • Through clean-up and the end of the project so no mess is left behind
  • Educating customers about the best safety procedures

Gas lines are run directly to each appliance or piece of machinery that is running on gas. Wildhorse Propane’s underground pipe service installers are experts at properly designing and connecting gas lines that are safely installed and protected from potential damage and hazardous gas leaks.

The Wildhorse Propane team of qualified gas line plumbers has worked with professional home builders, pool companies, landscapers and public works agencies throughout Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties.

Wildhorse Propane is a full-service company with services that include:

  • Propane delivery to Carmel, all of Monterey County and portions of Santa Cruz and San Luis Obispo counties
  • Propane tank delivery and installation
  • Propane-powered appliance sales, delivery and installation
  • Full service underground gas line installation

The family-owned business has been serving customers since 1980. The company has deep roots in its hometown community and practices the principles of fair prices, good service and timely delivery to all customers.

Wildhorse Propane & Appliance
50557 Wildhorse Road
King City CA, 93930
(831) 385-4827

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