Propane Tanks

propane tanks by Wildhorse Propane & Appliance

Propane tanks are an important choice for any homeowner to make. They can determine the level and quality of service you will receive for years to come.

Wildhorse Propane and Appliance offers quality propane tanks, propane gas service, repair, propane tank delivery and installation. Your search for a propane tank is over. We will make it easy. Call us at (805) 835-4827.

Wildhorse can help propane tank buyers make a wise decision. Wildhorse offers education on local laws, proper tank installation, procedures governing the repair of tanks and other requirements.

Propane Gas Tanks

Stationary propane tanks are the major storage containers for propane in liquid form. Wildhorse offers tanks in a variety of sizes that are engineered for safely containing propane gas at high pressures. Propane tanks are a great fit for country living, farms and ranches and any location that is far from the nearest natural gas line.

Propane Appliances

A propane gas tank will be able to supply your home with the energy it needs for heating systems, water heaters, washers and dryers, cooking systems, ovens, stovetops and even refrigeration. Wildhorse offers a large selection of propane gas appliances.

Propane Safety

Caution! Do not attempt to move or install a propane tank on your own. Do not attempt to repair a propane tank or a propane gas line. Local and state regulations and industry standards are updated on a regular basis. Call a professional before you move, repair or modify any part of your propane system.

Shopping for a new propane tank is easy at Wildhorse Propane & Appliance. Call today! (831) 385-4827

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