Paso Robles Propane Company, Wildhorse Propane, Releases Instructions For “How To Read A Propane Tank Meter’

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–Wildhorse Propane, provider of Paso Robles propane services, has prepared instructions for reading a propane tank meter. Refilling the tank can be regularly scheduled but, since usage can vary, it’s important to read the meter to be sure it is not empty.

How to read a propane tank meter

There are fewer things more aggravating than running out of propane before the next scheduled refill. Showers are cold, can’t cook meals and the heat doesn’t work. Most of the time, propane usage is predictable, but unexpected high use due to weather, extra cooking and baking or some other circumstance empties the tank before the next scheduled refill.

There are two ways to avoid an empty propane tank. The first is, of course, discuss your usage with your propane supplier and adjust the delivery schedule to keep the tank full. The Paso Robles propane supplier is always happy help you estimate usage and schedule appropriate deliveries. The second way is to add reading the propane tank meter to the weekly chore list.

Locate the meter

The meter, or gauge, is on the top of the propane tank along with a fill pipe and shut-off valve. Tanks that supply buildings usually have a lid that covers the meter and valves. Open the lid to see the meter.

Reading the meter

The numbers on the meter indicate the percentage of propane in the tank, not how many gallons. The gauge needle for a full tank will point to 80, which is actually 80-percent. A tank is not filled to 100-percent because some space needs to be left for the liquid propane to evaporate. A 30 (30-percent) reading means the tank is getting empty and it’s time to order propane.

The reorder level may vary depending on the size of the tank. To be sure, contact the Paso Robles propane experts at Wildhorse Propane and ask for the best reorder level for your tank.


Safety is always an issue for any size propane tank or cylinder. A top safety priority is to know how to operate the shut-off valve.

The propane experts at Wildhorse Propane have been serving the propane needs of Monterey and north San Luis Obispo counties since 1980. The company provides safety information, propane, propane tanks and underground pipe services, appliance sales and repairs, free estimates and consultations.

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Paso Robles Propane Supplier Releases Safety Tips for Small Scale Propane Users

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–Wildhorse Propane, supplier of propane to Paso Robles has released safety tips for small-scale propane tank users. Wildhorse Propane is releasing these safety tips to help inform portable propane tank users about safe practices.
Millions of people fire up their propane-fueled grills every weekend or cook on propane fueled camp stoves.

Propane torches are popular for crafts and art, such as making some kinds of jewelry and metalsmithing. Farmers, ranchers and sma acreage owners use propane tanks to fuel tractors and other equipment.

Safety tips for small scale propane tank users

Propane is great for many different uses. However, people need to be safe when dealing with it. Propane is flammable and can be very dangerous if not handled properly. With that in mind, Wildhorse propane, supplier of propane to Paso Robles and the Central Coast has a few safety tips for propane users to reduce the chance of accidents or emergencies.

Know which tank to use and how to use it

If people are using propane, they should make sure they know which kind of propane bottle or tank to use and how it works with their appliances or equipment.

A propane tank designed to fuel farm equipment is not the appropriate choice for a camp stove. A small tank for a barbecue grill might be appropriate for a metalsmith working with a jeweler’s torch. If the propane tank supplying the home is empty, don’t hook up a smaller tank to the kitchen stove.

The connection needs to be tight and just because a person has used one appliance with propane, doesn’t mean they will know how to use them all. Also, certain appliances should only be used outside such as propane gas BBQ grills and appliances should only be used for their designed purpose.

Know how to connect, disconnect and use any regulators that may be attached to the tank. Anyone with questions about connecting a propane tank is welcome to call the propane Paso Robles supplier for help.

Know the smell of propane

Leaks can occur when dealing with propane. Ignoring a leak can lead is hazardous. Make sure everyone in the household or working around propane can identify the smell of a leak. Keep fire extinguishers on hand and accessible.

Propane has a very strong and nasty smell, similar to rotten eggs or a dead animal. As a result, it is fairly hard to miss. Immediately shut off the propane flow at the tank.

Replace faulty tanks or those suspected of being faulty.

Transport and store tanks correctly

When transporting propane tanks, it is important to keep them upright and secure. The valve of the tank should also be closed and it couldn’t hurt for car windows to be open when transporting them as well. Store tanks out of the sun, away from heat sources and in well-ventilated areas.

Propane tanks have a long shelf life, but they should still be inspected before use.

Testing for leaks

It’s a good idea to test for leaks once the tank or bottle has been connected. Three ways to test for leaks are:

  • Sniff—propane smells like rotten eggs. Immediately turn off the tank.
  • Check for bubbles—use a thick soapy solution or special leak detector solution. Apply the solution around the tank connections and the connections to the appliance. If it bubbles, turn off the tank.
  • Use a propane gas detector—A propane gas detector is the most reliable method for detecting a leak. However, a gas detector may not be as effective outdoors.

Know emergency procedures

Propane appliances usually come with directions, precautions and emergency procedures. Know these procedures before connecting a propane bottle or tank.

If in doubt about the instructions that come with the appliance, contact the Paso Robles propane experts at Wildhorse Propane.

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Carmel Propane Company, Wildhorse Propane, Releases The Report, ‘Benefits of Converting Home Energy To Propane’

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–Wildhorse Propane, the company serving Carmel propane needs, has released a report about the benefits of converting home energy to propane. As families become more interested in energy-efficiency, propane is proving to be much more efficient than traditional electricity or natural gas for the home.

Benefits of converting home energy to propane

While many people use natural gas or electricity to power their home and appliances, there is a better way. There are many different benefits to using propane in a home. A 30-percent savings for heating water with propane, warming the home is more efficient with propane. Fireplaces, dryers, stoves, ovens, and home heating can all run with propane and continue to operate during a power outage.

Here are few more benefits.

Propane is better for the environment

Propane and Carmel families wanting a greener home and life style are the perfect matches. Propane burns very clean and produces fewer emissions, has a lower carbon footprint and is highly efficient, making a good all-around option for those who are conscious about climate change and the environment.

Reliable and safe

Propane-powered appliances work during power outages. The family can still eat a home-cooked meal, not worry about food spoiling and stay warm. Many essential home appliances: stove, dryer, refrigerator, even heating, can operate with propane. A propane-powered generator can even turn on the lights during a power outage.
In addition to being more reliable, it is just generally safer to use as well. Home propane tanks are much more resistant to punctures than tanks used for gas or ethanol. If there is a leak, the rotten egg smell is easy to detect and an emergency can be prevented.

Time, energy and cost efficiency

The Propane Education and Research Council reports the following for efficiency:

  • A high efficiency propane furnace rates as high as 98-percent efficient compared to electric or oil heating units, and can reduce a family’s carbon footprint
  • A propane-powered tankless water heater can produce more than 200 gallons of hot water per hour, compared to a standard 50-gallon electric water heater that can only deliver 64 gallons of hot water in the first hour.
  • A propane clothes dryer can deliver 20-percent energy savings per year.
  • Propane ranges and ovens in the home kitchen deliver the instant heat and responsive control that is the choice of professional chefs.

About Wildhorse Propane

Wildhorse Propane has been serving the California Central Coast since 1980, including all of Monterey County and north San Luis Obispo County. The company is a full-service provider of propane to Carmel, the Monterey peninsula and all of the Salinas Valley.

Contact Wildhorse Propane for service, tank installation, underground propane gas lines and propane appliance sales and repairs.

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Propane Benefit Analysis for Property Owners

header2.jpg– For over 30 years, the propane Paso Robles experts at Wildhorse Propane have specialized in installing underground propane gas lines. With this extensive expertise, they have compiled a detailed fact-based report for consumers to learn more about the economical and environmental benefits of using propane.

Propane benefits for property owners

Family owned and operated since 1980, Wildhorse Propane originally served only the King City and its surrounding cities. Since its inspection, the business has grown, with client accounts throughout the Monterey County area and extending to areas in northern San Luis Obispo county.

The propane Paso Robles specialists at Wildhorse Propane have an unwavering dedication to customer service, providing proper service and maintenance for all things propane-related. With this commitment to educating their clients and future users of propane, their expert team has outlined the top reasons to use propane in residential and commercial properties.

• Affordable
On average, propane costs about half as much per BTU as electricity. In fact, propane gas fireplaces cost 30% to 60% less per hour to use than traditional wood burning fireplaces. Because propane is created from natural gas and petroleum – all natural components – it is easily available and can be used virtually anywhere. The propane Paso Robles cost-saving team at Wildhorse Propane assert that for the same heating value, propane offers remarkable savings over electricity for home and business owners.

• Efficient
Propane can best be described as a clean and efficient energy source. On average, a propane heating system is approximately 15-20 degrees warmer in comparison to common electric heat pumps. As a side-by-side comparison, a homeowner could reheat a whole tankful of water in just under 20 minutes with propane. The same tank of water may take up to an hour (or longer) using electricity.

• Environmentally Friendly
The report details that the use of propane is listed as an approved alternative fuel in both the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the National Energy Policy Act of 1992. With propane, home and business owners can rest assured that the fuel they are using is not contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

• Easier to Maintain
Propane appliances such as gas furnaces or cheaper to maintain and have less malfunctioning issues when compared with electrical appliances. For example, a propane heating system, on average, lasts about 20 years, while electric heat pumps last only 10-12 years. The repair and maintenance costs are measurably lower with propane systems and with propane readily available, access to affordable propane is within reach.

Making the conversion from electricity to propane can be done with the help of a propane Paso Robles specialist, like the expert team at Wildhorse Propane.

As an appliance dealer as well, Wildhorse Propane also offers a full show room of brand name refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashing machines, ovens, stoves, and much more.
For any and all of your propane and appliance needs, call the propane Paso Robles providers that residents and business owners have trusted for over 35 years. Call today at (831) 385-4827.